Tillman Jex

Tillman Jex is a composer and media designer based in Berlin, Germany who loves to code. He approaches problem solving with robust solutions, an open mind and a large scope of practiced disciplines. He works as a technical / creative facilitator within teams both in artistic, commercial and research spheres. No matter the format of experience or product, embedded in Tillman's approach is a strong respect for narrative. He considers narrative to be intrinsic in our perception of life and therefore the medium with which we can achieve the deepest connections. Translating this into his work, Tillman finds a greater understanding can be developed for the problem, its solution and the end result.


Originally, Tillman comes from a history as a music maker and sound designer. As well as releasing his own music, Tillman has collaborated both locally and internationally on short films, A/V installations, VR products, been invited to publicly speak on music composition and performance and has received state funded commissions for the composition of new work. For a history of selected projects, see Tillman's CV. Through Tillman's work as the head spatial audio engineer at MONOM, he became increasingly interested in the power of virtual spaces, specifically in how they can inspire inward attention to the psyche. This lead to a deeper interest in virtual reality, programming and product building, consequently leading to his application and acceptance into the Creative Technologies masters program at Filmuniversität Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany (2021 - 2023) and subsequent exchange semester at KTH in Stockholm where he focussed on machine learning, programming and how technology changes society.